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Volunteer with the American Board of Surgery

Are you interested in volunteering with the American Board of Surgery? ABS has over 700 diplomate volunteers across all of our surgical specialties who write questions for our exams, serve as examiners for our Certifying Exams, and provide essential user testing and feedback on ABS products such as our public website and diplomate portal. We are always accepting applications for additional volunteers, so if you are interested, please complete the form below.

**Note: Submission of this Volunteer Request form may not always result in placement in a volunteer group. Our volunteer needs change frequently. For example, while we may not need examiner volunteers in a particular year, we do prefer to have a list of those interested for when positions become available in the future.

Opportunities to serve as an examiner for the ABS vary from year to year. However, we often recruit for other opportunities, such as editing and writing for our written or oral exams, which help volunteers better understand the mechanics of the programs and processes that are integral to ABS. Please consider volunteering for more than one opportunity, as we are not always able to immediately bring on a new examiner volunteer.