Video resources for programs and trainees to aid in the implementation of EPAs

Entrustable Professional Activities - Video Resources

The following library of videos is designed to provide programs and trainees with an easy spot to find and watch video resources to aid in the understanding and implementation of Entrustable Professional Activities (EPAs).

Essential EPA Videos

What problem are EPAs addressing?

Why now? EPAs as an improvement over prior models.

How were the EPAs developed and who created them?

How will residents benefit from EPAs?

How will faculty benefit from EPAs?

EPAs facilitating better communication

EPAs and faculty workload

The collaborative nature of the EPA Project

EPAs representing what surgeons already do each day

How do EPAs work? Developing a shared mental model.

Diversity of thought and dissenting voices in the EPA development process

Will EPAs make a difference?

Will EPAs have an impact on bias within the assessment process?

Additional Resources

ABS EPA Mobile Application

ABS EPA Project Website Links