SCORE Curriculum Outline

The SCORE Curriculum Outline for General Surgery Residency is a list of patient care and medical knowledge topics to be covered in a five-year general surgery residency training program. Originally published in 2008, it is updated annually with input from SCORE member organizations and specialty surgical societies.

The spreadsheet version of the 2015-2016 SCORE Curriculum Outline for General Surgery is now available, with direct links to modules covering four ACGME competencies:

  • Spreadsheet version:  Excel   PDF
  • Booklet version:  Coming soon!
  • Starting with this edition, Broad and Essential patient care topics are renamed Core and Focused and Complex topics are renamed Advanced. These changes are intended to make the outline more intuitive and easier to use.
  • Copies of the booklet version of the outline will be sent to programs in July. Note that the topics listed in the outline may not directly match those currently on the SCORE Portal; the outline is forward-looking, reflecting the latest updates.

SCORE is a nonprofit consortium of U.S. surgical organizations, including the ABS, with the mission of improving the education of residents in general surgery and its related subspecialties. For more information about SCORE, see our About SCORE page or visit

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